The Third International Workshop on Non-Equilibrium Processes (NonEqProc)

Workshop The Third International Workshop on Non-Equilibrium Processes - NonEqProc will be organized in the frame of the 27th Summer School and International Symposium on the Physics of Ionized Gases (SPIG). The workshop will be held on 26th of August.

The workshop originated as a part of the FP6 COE project which had the basic aim of promoting centers of excellence in Western Balkan countries, to facilitate dissemination of their results and to help them establish themselves in the broader arena of European and international science. The program of the previous two workshops was augmented by inviting some of our colleagues who visited the COE in recent years or have an active collaboration with a participating member. The Third International Workshop continues to cover a wide area of topics from application of plasmas in nano-electronics to elementary processes in non-equilibrium systems, so the program of the workshop covered an even broader range of topics with the common thread of non-equilibrium phenomena playing a major part in the basic physics and also in the technological applications.

We hope that the continuation of our workshops will contribute to finding a common thread that connects different topics, even different fields, that share some aspects of the phenomena associated with non-equilibrium. Topics of the workshop can be devided as following:
- Elementary processes in plasmas
- Nonequilibrium discharges at low pressures
- Nonequilibrium discharges at atmospheric pressure
- Plasma applications
- Collective phenomena in plasmas
- Positrons in gases and liquids
- Charged particle swarms and transport data
- General nonequilibrium processes and transport theory

Chairman of the NonEqProc
Professor Zoran Lj. Petrović
Institute of Physics Belgrade
Pregrevica 118,
11080 Belgrade,

List of speakers and lectures
Michael Allan (CH) Measuring elementary plasma processes: Elastic scattering, vibrational and electronic excitation, dissociative attachment
Karen Belkic (SE)Spectral analysis for optimization of magnetic resonance spectroscopy in early tumor diagnostics
Thierry Belmonte (FR)Emission spectroscopy of dense plasmas in liquids: a winding road from light to chemistry
Jerome Bredin (UK)Picosecond-TALIF to probe atomic oxygen in the plume of an RF driven atmospheric pressure plasma jet in ambient air
Zoltan Donko (HU)First principles calculation of the effect of Coulomb collisions on electron swarms
Nigel Mason (UK)Future Studies on Electron Scattering; a Renaissance?
Svetlana Radovanov (US)Comparison of surface vacuum ultraviolet emissions with resonance level number densities in Argon and Argon containing plasmas
Milovan Suvakov (RS)
Veljko Dmitrasinovic (RS)
Recent progress in the Newtonian three-body problem
Ron White (AU)Non-equilibrium transport of charged particles in gaseous and disordered materials

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