Dissociative Electron Attachment (DEA) Workshop

The workshop on Dissociative Electron Attachment DEA will be organized as part of the 27th Summer School and International Symposium on the Physics of Ionized Gases (SPIG). The workshop will be held on 26th of August. The DEA workshop is principally related (but not exclusively) to the Section 1 of the SPIG topics.

There has been a large interest in recent years to investigate dissociative electron attachment to a range of molecular targets both in the gas phase and on surfaces. DEA is now recognized to play an important role in many different scientific fields including astrochemistry, atmospheric science, radiation damage and in several key technologies e.g. plasma processing and nanoscale fabrication.

The aim of the DEA workshop is to present the most recent cutting-edge techniques used to investigate DEA, as well as the most recent results for a range of different targets and conditions. The workshop is dominantly dedicated to young scientists, but also to all SPIG participants who might find interesting possibilities and topics for multidisciplinary studies and the development of new experimental techniques. Finally, the aim of the workshop is to initiate a discussion between experts in the field of DEA that could lead to further improvement of the techniques and important results.

The DEA workshop will be organized jointly with the recently established DEA Club. The DEA club has been established to provide a mechanism for the international DEA research community to collaborate and to develop new projects and apply for international funding; and to publicise and explain DEA and its role to the wider scientific community.
Details available here: http://www.open.ac.uk/science/physical-science-conferences/dea

Chairman of the DEA workshopSupported by
Professor Nigel J Mason, OBE
Department of Physical Sciences
The Open University
Walton Hall
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

List of speakers and lectures
Roman Čurík (CZ) Role of symmetry in electron-impact resonant vibrational excitation of polyatomic molecules
Stephan Denifl (AT)Dissociative electron attachment studies with potential radiosensitizers
Juraj Fedor (CH)Role of symmetry lowering in DEA
Tom Field (UK)Electron attachment to unstable molecules
Janina Kopyra (PL)Electron attachment to molecules studied by electron-molecular crossed beam experiment
Peter Papp (SK)Dissociative electron attachment to organometallic compounds
Ewelina Szymanska (UK)Velocity slice imaging study on dissociative electron attachment
Matija Zlatar (RS)(Time-dependent) Density Functional Theory for understanding dissociative chemistry of organometallic compounds

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